[Amy Poehler] is the queen goddess of the universe. She has mystical powers, sexual powers, and she’s always the funniest person in the room. Sometimes I feel like her mother and sometimes I feel like I birthed her and sometimes I feel like she birthed me. And sometimes I want to make out with her. Aubrey Plaza (via stardustings)
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It’s super weird because it’s the first one that I’ve done where the people in the audience are also entertainers. Everything else, even if I bombed, I’d still be funnier than most of the people there. That part of it is terrifying. Also, I know a lot of these people from television, but I also know a lot of them personally. So, here’s the thing: If I see an actor that I know from television respond to one of my jokes, I won’t know what that face means, but if I catch Poehler – I know all of Poehler’s faces, so I’ll be able to read her. But, it’s exciting. I never considered turning it down. Seth Meyers on the Emmys (and just casually name-dropping) (x)

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I am at my loneliest when I have something to celebrate
and try to share it with those I love
but who don’t love me back.
There’s always silence at the end of the phone. Karen Finley, excerpt from “The Black Sheep” (via feellng)
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